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Learn the secrets to hooking readers in seconds. This $9 mini course helps fiction and nonfiction authors to master their blurbs so they can draw in readers and sell more books. The course Includes videos, a 50-page workbook, cheat sheets, and more tools.

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Lisa Hawes

“This course is simply brilliant! The printables sit conveniently in a binder on my desk to refer to during all phases of the writing process. This course provides the knowledge to save authors hundreds in editing fees. Do we still need editors? Absolutely! However, they won’t have as much work to do to help you make your book the best it can be.”

Daryle Lefler

“The emotions cheat sheet will be a valuable resource in my edit of this novel and especially in the second that is in progress. The section on how to use the cheat sheets is a valuable resource in and of itself. Of course, the actual sheets on each emotion are priceless. They went into areas that I had never considered when I wrote my first novel.” 

Focused My Writing
Michelle Lovato

“The careful mix of dialogue, nonverbal communication, exposition, pacing, and outright creativity is essential to any fiction piece. This lesson served to focus my writing back to creating that seamless balance, particularly pertaining to nonverbal communication. Thank you for harnessing your talent to provide some of us Tasmanian Devils of frenetic writing production the opportunity to focus and learn something valuable.” 

Short & Insightful
Maegan Fielder

“I learned more than expected in such a short period of time. I found the material easy to comprehend and helpful in ways I wasn’t expecting. It has left me eager to go through my current WIP and fix a few issues that were pointed out. Will definitely be recommending this mini-course.” 

Wonderful Tip Sheets

"I didn't realize there were so many other emotional nonverbal cues I could use, including ones related to sight. I appreciate now that I need to dig more deeply into my characters' emotional experience to find the right physical clues appropriate to them. All the wonderful downloads and tip sheets! They will all help me so much as I edit. It was great! I can't wait to edit using these tips."  

Saves So Much Time 
Elijah M.

"Energize Your Writing really has made it so much simpler to add rich, nonverbal communication to my writing without losing my focus and flow—now, I can easily flip to the relevant emotion in the toolkit and pick an appropriate phrasing in seconds. I still usually end up personalizing the wording more on later drafts (and I love that there's room in the Toolkit to add my own turns of phrase as I think of them), but it saves me so much time and gives me a stronger product to work with when revising. Less stopping + more writing=a happy writer!"  

Energize Your Writing Toolkit: Cheat Sheets for Character Emotions
Only $67! ($298 value)
The smart and savvy way to make your scenes come alive.

More than 4,000 nonverbal prompts that span 21 categories and numerous subcategories, all packaged inside a 100-page downloadable PDF, to guide you as you’re writing and editing

A walk-through video and detailed written instructions outlining how the toolkit works and tips to maximize its usefulness

Written lesson and video giving a solid overview of why nonverbal communication is important and how to weave it into your book

11-page workbook to help you spot your weaknesses and increase your awareness

10 Hacks to Creating Characters That Jump Off the Page cheat sheet for even more energizing tips

But wait, there's more!

Bonus: The Personality Playbook: 30 Secret-Weapon Questions to Ask Your Characters – Use these 30 days of journaling prompts to pick your characters’ brains and see what you uncover.

Bonus: The Nifty Nonverbal Communication Navigator Wheel – Remember to sprinkle nonverbal communication into your book with this helpful reminder tool. Post it near your computer or put it with your notes for easy reference.

Bonus: The Emotion Energizer Wheel – Hang this by your desk for a refresher on the most useful emotions to portray in your characters so they have more depth.

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