Loved This Short Course

“Any editing seems difficult and daunting, but with Stacy's simple-to-follow tips and tricks, I feel more in control. Along with her explanations and examples in this course, my attitude toward editing has been transformed and it now feels like a fun writing exercise. This course helped me understand why, in addition to the characters, setting and descriptor (show not tell) words are so important to capture your readers' attention. I loved this short course that focused on powerful editing tools.” 

How to Get from Here to There
Judy Broad

“This is possibly the area I struggle with most—knowing where and how to start, and inserting a hook. I REALLY liked that you discussed opening chapters of aspiring writers—including me—rather than just showcasing amazing published authors. You concentrated on how to get from HERE to THERE. I saw the impact of the changes you suggested. Little things make SUCH a difference.”  

I Had an Insight About Where to Start

“It was helpful knowing how an editor looks at a scene. I had an insight about where to start the opening scene of my work in progress. I found the courage to jump past the backstory. Now that I've seen it, it seems so obvious, but I have been driving myself crazy trying to decide the first sentence.”  

Helped Me See Where I Could Make Changes

“The course helped me plan and recognize my mistakes, and the examples gave me a reference point to use. Stacy had real-life examples from other authors, which was helpful. In the final lesson, there were visual examples of several genres, which helped me see where I could make changes to make my novel stronger, more transparent, and more engaging.”  

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Learn the secrets to hooking readers in seconds. This $9 mini course helps fiction and nonfiction authors to master their blurbs so they can draw in readers and sell more books. The course Includes videos, a 50-page workbook, cheat sheets, and more tools.

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Dazzle your readers with a powerful first impression
What if you could . . .

See professional editing in action—Gain firsthand insights into how editors meticulously analyze and refine opening scenes.

Overcome common pitfalls—Identify and conquer issues that might be affecting not just your opening pages, but your entire manuscript.

Develop keen editorial judgment—Sharpen your self-editing skills and implement effective strategies that breathe life into a story.

Boost confidence and clarity—Feel empowered to dive into your revisions with a new perspective.

Guess what? You can!
Unlock instant access to:

Written lesson packed with invaluable tips for creating compelling opening pages

Cheat sheet recap so you don’t miss any key insights

Critique library of nine, 750-word opening scenes. Each critique contains in-line editorial comments, revisions through Track Changes, and a short editorial letter so that you can learn through examples.

40-page, downloadable ebook to easily digest the critiques

30-minute recorded video showcasing more editorial insights that can be applied to your own pages

Lifetime access to the course materials

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  • 1xFirst Pages Quick Fix Clinic: Revising for Powerful Opening Pages$47

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  • Will my first pages get critiqued during this course?
    This is designed to be a self-paced course, not a group program, which means your first pages won't be critiqued as part of the clinic. However, I've included critiques of nine manuscripts from generous authors who permitted their work to be featured as examples. The aim was to provide valuable insights without making the course a group coaching program or membership, keeping it budget-friendly for everyone. If you're eager for personalized critiques, feel free to explore my editorial services. Plus, if you're part of my mailing list, you'll be among the first to know about any future programs that might include critiques.
  • Who will benefit the most from this course? Is there any genre it isn't recommended for?
    This course is designed to benefit fiction writers across various genres, including but not limited to mystery, romance, science fiction, fantasy, historical fiction, thriller, suspense, paranormal, women's fiction, literary fiction, young adult, and middle grade. It will also benefit writers of creative nonfiction, such as memoir. Writers in these categories can extract valuable tips and apply them to their own work, addressing common issues found in various writing styles.

    However, it will not be as relevant for writers of books intended for very young children, such as picture books or early readers, as these genres have distinct conventions. 
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