Oracle Cards for Writers: 
Unlock Your Story Magic and Overcome Blocks to Success

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Get instant access to The Writer's Muse Journal: Oracle Card Spreads for Creative Inspiration, for just $9! 

Explore 190+ captivating spreads to amplify your characters, deepen your story's core, fuel personal growth, and craft across genres including mystery, romance, science fiction, fantasy, children's, memoir, and much more. Your creative playground awaits!

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Professional Yet Colourful

“I’ve lately been more mindful of listening to my intuition, and this course gave me a tool for doing that which is fun, creative, and eclectic. I was surprised by how professional yet colourful this whole course was. Browsing down the lesson pages with each, and simply enjoying the graphics of various card decks, was very appealing and made the lessons so much easier to take in.” 

Creative and Helpful
Lori Brack

"The course helped me feel very comfortable with the possible uses of oracle cards. Your approach is practical and also inclusive of intuition. I interpreted many of the cards you selected in my freewriting in ways that were helpful to re-starting my writing practice. The way you use prompts and cards together was creative and helpful. Your links to resources were fabulous. I love your reminder that transitions, change, and growth happen slowly, step-by-step." 

Unlock your creative potential and revitalize your writing
Learn out-of-the-box techniques to:

Craft characters that leap off the page and into readers’ hearts 

Layer your stories with emotional depth and resonance, making it a book that others discuss 

Ignite plot and structure with unexpected twists and turns, bidding predictability farewell 

Enrich themes and messages through the subtle art of symbolism 

Conquer writer’s block and confront limiting beliefs head-on

For just $47, get instant access to
9 richly 
illustrated lessons that include:

9 journaling prompts inside the lessons

6 short, informative videos with transcripts

The Motivation Matrix Spread

Plot Twist Generator Spread

16 one-card Character Exploration Prompts

8 three-card Building Block Spreads

Blank journal pages for one, two, and three-card spreads

24-minute design tutorial on how to create your own oracle cards in Canva AND 2 deck templates 

Plus receive these bonuses for your magical toolkit, valued at another $47:

Tarot Beginnings: Discover the Core of the Cards – Dive into the intriguing world of the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana with this engaging, 18-page e-book for tarot newcomers.

Beyond the Surface: Weaving Deeper Story Layers Through Symbolism – Symbols are potent tools for writers. This cheat sheet, packed with examples, serves as your guide to masterfully using symbolism in your writing.

Writing Wizardry with Oracle Cards Journaling Workshop – In this lively 30-minute replay, you’ll use five oracle cards as brainstorming tools. Prepare to be inspired by the insights and fresh perspectives shared by fellow writers who participated live, and witness how oracle cards can spark your creative fire.

Please note that a deck of cards is not included in this course. 

You will be shown pictures of oracle cards (permission granted by the creators) and journal on the images. You don't need to purchase a deck for the course, but if you're interested in purchasing one, buying tips and links to free online resources are built into the lessons. You'll also receive tips on how to make your own deck for non-commercial use.

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